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Dedicated to innovative research, our team at RR MedSciences has developed a breakthrough small molecule that uniquely tunes the inflammatory response and arrests free-radical damage, protecting DNA, promoting cellular repair and modulating pain.

Core technology

Our compound, referred to as RM191A, is a small molecule immunomodulator and SOD mimetic that informs the Company’s research pipeline.

RM191A significantly improves healing by mimicking and outperforming an innate feature of the immune system and addressing ROS and RNS activity.

The company's development pipeline includes novel therapeutics for pain relief and free radical or inflammatory driven conditions or disease.

Read our Redox Biology publication, Skin protective and regenerative effects of RM191A, a novel superoxide dismutase mimetic, Jan 2021. 

Delivery and Formulations

RRMS has advanced viable transdermal formulations featuring RM191A that are proven to be stable and effective for therapeutic delivery. The nature of the compound lends itself to multiple delivery systems.

Clinical Trial Stage

RM191A has now completed a Phase 2a Clinical Trial for Neuropathic Pain in Sydney Australia. (CT Ref No: HREC/16/HAWKE/483) Results will be announced and published soon.


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