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Our mission is to use transformative science to create a better quality of life for people of all ages.

RR MedSciences Pty Ltd (RRMed) is a privately held clinical stage bio-med Pharma, based in Sydney Australia. Established in 2014, the Company has focussed on the discovery and development of its core technology RM191A and advancing lead therapeutics. 

The company's novel technology was developed internally at RRMed, and is the focus of three patent families .

The Company directs extensive pre-clinical research and clinical trials in collaboration with scientists and clinicians at world-class research laboratories at Australian universities and institutes, including the University of NSW, Sydney University, Macquarie University and the PMRC / Kolling Institute in Sydney, NSW.


In the past eight years, the Company has achieved multiple milestones including proprietary drug discovery, global IP coverage, reproducible and practical drug synthesis under GMP conditions, toxicity and safety studies, extensive in vitro, in vivo and human tissue pre-clinical research and a completed Clinical Phase 2 Trial for its lead therapeutic.

Utilising internal expertise, the company has successfully produced stable, safe and bio-available formulations, leveraging the compound. The company includes a subsidiary that produces and markets a differentiated personal care brand.

The company's development pipeline includes novel therapeutics for pain relief and free radical or inflammatory driven conditions or disease.

Research Collaborations

RRMed collaborators are specialist researchers and clinicians in the fields of chemistry and physiology, bio-molecular science, biology, neurology, neuroscience, pain, cardiology, clinical oncology and ophthalmology.

Our Scientific Advisors are leaders in their fields and bring independent views to our development based on their extensive careers in areas of medicine and research. 



RR MedSciences (RRMed) was founded by Llewellyn Stephen Casbolt and Helena Libershal Casbolt in 2014. Both Directors bring decades of experience in management roles in new technology start-ups and biotech companies, with complementary skills in new drug development, research and commercialisation, management, strategy, fund-raising, marketing and communications.


Llewellyn Casbolt

Llewellyn Stephen Casbolt

Co-Founder, Director

Llewellyn has an extensive career in corporate management and in bio-chem medical research and product development. With MD or CEO roles, Llewellyn has led drug and product development at multiple Australian bio-med companies, including an ASX listed biotech, a biotech incubator, an international veterinary pharmaceutical, and an Australian medical device company prior to RR Med..

Casbolt’s research career spans more than thirty years. After a BSc Chemistry at Monash University he was recruited to an elite global development team at Nicholas (Kiwi) International, with positions in Australia, the UK and USA. After a time in corporate management in the financial sector, he returned to his love of med-tech.

Llewellyn has a specialty in the development of metallo-complexes, anti-inflammatory drugs and novel formulation expertise. He is responsible for RRMed’s core drug discovery and its research collaborations. Llewellyn is cited on the Redox Biology Jan 2021 Journal overview of the multiple studies of the RM191A compound on the skin.

Llewellyn Casbolt is CEO and Co-Founder of RRMed and an Adjunct Fellow, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Macquarie University, Sydney.


Helena Casbolt

Helena Libershal Casbolt

Co-Founder, Director

Helena is a new technology development specialist with MD, CEO and founder roles in technology commercialisation or bio-med start-ups and media / communication companies in both the USA and Australia. She has extensive entrepreneurial expertise and successful fundraising experience in the United States and Australia.

Helena's experience in business spans various sectors including bio-med product and business development, public / private health partnerships, consumer health products, e-commerce, online financial services, satellite and media technology, marketing, and corporate communications.

At RRMed, Helena leads corporate communications and med-tech relations, co-manages strategy and commercial product development  She leads the commercial subsidiary of RRMed, the Blue Healer brand and product development, DTC marketing, advertising and e-commerce.

Helena is Executive Director, Co-Founder of RRMed and MD of the Blue Healer Care subsidiary. 


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