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Our primary mission is to use transformative science to create a better quality of life for people of all ages.

RR MedSciences Pty Ltd (RRMS) is a privately held company, based in Sydney Australia. Established in 2014, the Company has focussed on the discovery and development of its core technology RM191A, since inception. 

The founders of RRMS have privately funded the research and development of the Company’s novel immunomodulator. This novel compound was developed internally at RR MedSciences’ research laboratories. The Company also directs research projects in collaboration with scientists at world-class facilities at Australian and international universities and hospitals, including bio-analytical and chemical analyses, in vitro and in vivo studies and clinical trials.


In the past six years, the Company has achieved milestones including proprietary drug discovery, reproducible and practical drug synthesis under GMP conditions, toxicity and safety studies, extensive in vitro, in vivo and human tissue research and Clinical Phase 2 Trial status. With internal expertise, the Company has successfully produced stable and readily bioavailable formulations leveraging the compound. 

The company's pipeline includes therapeutics for free radical or inflammatory driven conditions or disease.

Disruptive Development 

We believe a discovery must have the capacity to become a practical reality for people in need. To that end, we drive transformative science that emphasises commercial feasibility with regards to drug manufacture, bioavailability and administration.

This practical approach to drug development by RRMS is fundamental to increasing the potential of achieving a successful product endpoint and drug registration while delivering safe human benefit.

Research Collaborations

Alongside the Company’s dedicated internal research activities, RRMS collaborates with world-class scientists at leading Australian and international universities and research institutes.  

Our collaborators are professors and research specialists in the fields of chemistry and physiology, bio-molecular science, biology, neurology, neuroscience, cardiology, clinical oncology and virology.


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