Do you suffer chronic nerve pain? Join this clinical trial for a new pain relief treatment!

July 08, 2019

Woman suffering chronic nerve pain |RR MedSciences

You’re invited to participate in a Clinical Trial of a new topical pain relief treatment for chronic nerve pain. The trial is based at the Pain Management Research Centre (PMRC) at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.

Potential candidates are people suffering chronic pain on their skin for more than 3 months on hands, feet, limbs or torso.  The causes of the pain may be nerve damage as a result of chemotherapy or cancer, surgery, HIV, or diabetes.

If you are interested in participating, please call or email now :

The Pain Management and Research Centre

Tel: 02 9463 1637  Email:

All participants will receive both the treatment and the placebo at different times.  The Clinical Trial intends to evaluate a new treatment that is non-invasive and non-opioid: it is a spray-on product for the skin.

The study has the approval of the Northern Sydney Local health District Human Research Ethics Committee Reference No: HREC/16/HAWKE/ 483


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